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Wednesday 20 Feb 2019
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Computer Buying Tips
Here are some quick computer buying tips & tricks. This article is not going to show you what to buy, but it will show you how to buy.

  1. Do not buy a computer because your friend has one. Buy the one that will accommodate the tasks that you want to perform day in and day out.
  2. Don't think something is cheap until you also compare what quality parts it has inside the computer. People come to me and ask if the cheapest laptop in the store is good enough for them and most of the time I say no. Unfortunately these laptops are usually already outdated stock.
  3. Make sure the computer you are buying is totally upgradeable. It must have spare memory slots and be able to handle more ram in the future. Also make sure there is space to add more parts inside the computer with extra plugs on the main motherboard.
  4. Ask about after sales service before you buy. Make sure you are clear on what you are entitled to. What happens if a part dies in your computer. Will you have to take it to where you bought it, or will you have to post it to Thailand? Don't laugh, it has happened before.
  5. Make sure you get all driver cd's for the computer. There is nothing worse than trying to find drivers on the internet to try and make your computer function correctly.
  6. Get quotes from different shops and small system builders. Do not go into the first shop and buy what you see. Compare your prices. It doesn't hurt to find out the facts.